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Senator in different tread surfaces

Maße: mm Length (walking depth): × mm Breite (Stablänge)

deliverytime about 3 weeks

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Rollable entrance mat with extra wide profile bars.
The dirt falls into the open spaces
Accessibility: wheelchairs, baby carriages, transport carts and shopping carts
Application: Indoor and roofed outdoor area
Statics: for overlapping or cantilevered laying
Support profiles: torsionally rigid with impact sound absorption
Connection: plastic-coated galvanized steel cable.
Spacer made of rubber. Support rail distance. 5mm, alternatively: 3mm for carousel doors according to EN

Senator - outdoor
Custom-made according to customer requirements in width and depth without compensating profiles.
Basically, all geometrical shapes are available.
Tread surfaces: embedded, resistant polypropylene inserts. UV-stable
Optimum brushing effect
Colors: anthracite, gray and red
Height of mat: 22




Senator - Dimensi - Selesai

W/R breite Ripseinlage
W/RK breite Ripseinlage + Kratzkante
W/RB breite Ripseinlage + Bürstleiste
W/M Maximus- Einlage
WS/R breite Ripseinlage + verst.Profil
W/RCB Ripseinlage+Cassettenbürste
W/Outdoor breite Ripseinlage - Outdoor
WS/RCB Ripseinlage+Cassettenbürste+verst.Profil
WS/Outdoor breite Ripseinlage, verst.Profil

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