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Coir-velour, natural fiber, natural colored, with flexible vinyl backing

Coir -velor, nature 
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Material: First-class, durable coconut velor quality with a long service life and flexible vinyl backing.
Suitable for residential complexes, tenement houses, for department store and business entrances and for commercial and private needs

Price:       from 64,45 Euro/m² inkl. VAT. 
Hight:    14, 17, 20, 22 , 24, 27 or 30 mm               
Custom sizes: Coir-mats are supplied in any desired size and also widths over 200cm, where appropriate, multi-part or welded/glued. Special forms (freesize) are possible by drawing or template
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the mat height and enter to the desired size as a net mat measure or the frame inside dimension if the mat is to be fitted. In this case, the mat is cut at a slight discount.


Kokos-Style-Optik, Größe nach Kundenwunsch
Farbecht bis zum Mattengrund. Langlebig. Die Matte ist speziell für das Einlegen in Rahmen geeignet.

Oberfläche:                  100 % Nylon
Mattenhöhe:                 ca. 8 mm
Größen:                        beliebig bis zu 200 cm x 800 cm

KOKOS-natur-Optik ist eine Kunstfaser und sollte in stark frequentierten Eingängen ausschließlich in Innenbereichen, möglichst hinter einem effektiven Grobstreifer verlegt werden. Die Matte nimmt Staub und Restfeuchtigkeit gut auf. 

Bei Bestellungen von Matten, die in Rahmen eingelegt werden, bitte das Rahmen-Innenmaß angeben. Sonst bitte den Ausdehnungsfaktor von ca.1% berücksichtigen.

Coir-Mats,fiber-colored, with flexible vinyl backing

Kokosvelour, natural-fiber  - fiber colored
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First-class , hard-wearing quality with long service life
Suitable for residential complexes , apartment buildings , for department store and shop entrances and commercial and private use

Features: The coir mats are suitable for indoor and roofed entrances. They ensure an efficient cleaning in the entrance areas. The mats are a natural product, so can a fibers cannot be ruled out and a dimensional accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Color variations are cannot be ruled out, so that we can take over no guarantee for color accuracy.
Made-to-measure: Coir mats can be customized in any desired size and shape (partially that) Coconut mat blanks can be made to measure in any size and shape. Select the mat height and enter the desired size as the net mat measure or the inside frame size if the mat is to be fitted. In this case, the mat is cut at a slight discount.

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Price:                  79,68 EURO/m² incl.VAT. 
Color:                  Mats with ca. 17 mm: red, blue, black, grey (light gray is not possible) As coloration of the natural fiber color occurs, the new hue can only be darker than that of the natural coconut fiber.
Couponwidth:    200cm
( also widths over 200cm , possibly in several parts or welded / bonded )
Couponlength:  10m:

coir-mats designed with flocking logo

Coir, designed. 1- or 2-color flocking according to customer specifications

Short cut fibers are called flock (flock fibers). In electrostatic flocking, these millions of fibers are applied to the adhesive-coated mat surface in an electric field. The field lines ensure that all fibers are aligned vertically and thus create an even, textile surface. The adhesives used today make flocking very hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant.

Flock is available in different fiber lengths and thicknesses. The flock thickness is measured in dtex (grams per 10,000 meters of length), the length in millimeters. The ratio of fiber length to thickness determines the look of the flock pile - the thinner the fibers are in relation to their length, the softer the surface feels, but they are also more difficult to process. Furthermore, the thinner the lines or the more filigree the motifs are, the shorter the flock should be. A line width of 0.5 mm, for example, can only be achieved with a short flock. Basically, flock is available in every imaginable color.

Grids or very thin lines can hardly be realized because the fibers bulge and do not form razor-sharp edges, which is why small font sizes are not recommended. Flocking is usually done in one colour, several colors are possible, but the costs increase accordingly. Flock can be applied partially or as full-surface flocking.

Please send us your request and additional your template if possible as an EPS file "HERE" with our Contact-Formular

Matt ca.13mm height up to 30mm : Basic color : color and nature, flocking : black, light gray, red , green or blue


Kokosvelour mit flexiblem Vinylrücken und 25mm breitem Vinyl-Randprofil

Coir velor with edge profile, right-angled 
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Material: coconut velor with flexible vinyl backing and 25mm wide,
1-, 2-, 3-sided or all-round vinyl edge profile
Mat color: natural or colored
Heights: 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 27 or 30 mm
Edge profile colour: black, grey, red, green, blue => heights: 17 mm
Made-to-measure: Coir mats are delivered in any desired size and shape (multi-part if necessary).




Simply enter the desired mat size including edge profile, mat color and height

Vinyl step profile, grooved: 25mm wide for coconut mats and plastic mats

Profil tepi - halus atau bergerigi, TANPA MAT
Profiles made of high-quality, elastic vinyl for customized production of free-lying coconut mats and plastic mats. The profiles can be attached on 1, 2, 3 or 4 sides. The edge profiles can be delivered cut to miter and glued to the mats by the customer
Ideal for laying in old buildings, easy assembly, no chiselling
Width:              25 mm
Seam height:   4mm halus, 8mm halus, 13mm beralur
warna:             hitam 

Simply enter the desired outer dimensions of the edge profile below.

Kokosvelour mit flexiblem Vinylrücken und 25mm breitem Vinyl-Randprofil

Vinyl-Antrittsprofil für frei aufliegende Matten Vinyl-Antrittsprofil für frei aufliegende Matten

Kokosvelour mit Randprofil-glatt oder gerieft, rechtwinklig auf Gehrung geschnitten
Randprofile aus hochwertigem, elastischen Vinyl für Maßanfertigungen von frei aufliegenden Kokosmatten. Die Profile können 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-seitig angebracht werden. Matten, die mit Randprofilen versehen sind, liegen plan auf und sind stolpersicher. Ecken auf Gehrung geschnitten
Ideal für die Verlegung in Altbauten, Einfache Montage, keine Stemmarbeiten.

Breite:          25 mm
Falzhöhe:     4 mm,   Randprofil glatt
Falzhöhe:     8 mm,   Randprofil glatt
Falzhöhe:    13 mm,  Randprofil gerillt
Farben:        schwarz 
Geben Sie nachfolgend einfach die gewünschte Matten-Größe inklusive Randprofil, Mattenfarbe und Höhe ein.


Klicken Sie hier für den Online-Kauf des Anlaufprofils
Matten mit Anlaufprofil liegen plan auf und garantieren mit der schrägen Oberfläche ein
stolperfreies Begehen.

Anlaufprofile werden aus hochwertigem Aluminium mit profilierter Trittfläche gefertigt.
Besonders für Verlegung auf ebenerdigem, fertigen Fußboden
Geeignet u.a. für DIPLOMAT-Matten mit 2, 17 und 22mm Höhe

Materialstärke: 1,5mm
Ideal für die Verlegung in Altbauten. Das Profil kann am Untergrund verschraubt werden.
Einfache Montage, keine Stemmarbeiten.
(zurück zu Winkel-Profilrahmen)

Aluminium-Anlaufprofil - montiert
Anlaufprofil-Alu m Matte-2.jpg
         50 mm

Falzhöhe:    12 mm und 17mm
Farben:        Aluminium, natur
Die Profile können 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-seitig angebracht und
bei mehrseitigen Profilen auf Wunsch auf Gehrung geschnitten werden. 




Mats - height compensation

Height adjustment for mats
Lapisan bawah yang keras sebagai kompensasi ketinggian alas kelapa
Hard felt mat:  as height compensation for mats in the mat bed
Color:      grey
Hight:     5 mm oder 2x 5mm              
Made to measure: die

The hard felt mats are supplied in any desired size and shape (possibly in several parts) to match the mat. Enter your desired size and select the height of the documents when ordering online.
The height compensation can also be delivered permanently mounted with the mat.
Link to Coir-Mats

Simply enter the desired size and height below.

Rubber backing mat

Rubber backing mat 

Extremely durable rubber underlay mat
As height compensation for indoor and outdoor use
for surface laying
Custom-fit production in width and depth according to customer requirements
In principle, all geometric shapes are available
Rubber color: black
Mat heights: 1mm, 3mm or 5mm
max.track width: 100 cm

Simply enter the desired size and height below.