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kis-DT-anthracite keep it simple Kleen-tex dirt trapper cotton mat FUCHSIUS nice and clean nice and clean dirt mats mats for dogs cat and house clean mats entrance mats mats for the pet friend

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 50 cm x   75 cm  unit price  
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Size  60 cm x   85 cm  unit price    60,45 €
Size  75 cm x   85 cm  unit price    63,65 €
Size  85 cm x 115 cm  unit price    85,45 €
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kis - keep it simple
View for each entrance area.  
1.Dial in quality and function  
high quality cotton/polyester pile and light colors  
particularly absorbent  
Made in the EU

Top quality with great dirt and moisture absorption capacity,
non-slip, plane-lying, stiff-secure.
The kis mats are washable in the washing machine up to 60 ° C
and can be dried in the "porpoise".
Mats with washable nitrile rubber grommets.
Without PVC shares