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s&s-schön & sauber DirtCatcher KAPAS pepita

s&s schön&sauber DirtCatcher, schön und sauber umweltfreundlich Umweltschutz Floor-Recycling PET-Flaschen, TPE-Polyester-Rücken

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size:  40 cm x   60 cm  Price/piece: 23,85 €
size:  50 cm x   75 cm Price/piece:  28,50 €
size:  60 cm x   85 cm Price/piece: 34,90 €
size:  60 cm x 180 cm Price/piece: 61,45 €
size:  90 cm x 120 cm Price/piece: 61,45 €
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s&s - schön & sauber DirtCatcher
PREMIUM-KAPAS AP11052E "pepita"
View for each entrance area.
1.Dial in quality and function
High-quality poliyester floor and light colors
Particularly absorbent
produced in EU

Top quality with high dirt and moisture absorption capacity, non-slip, plane-lying, stiff-proof.
The s & s nice & clean mats are washable in the washing machine up to 60 ° C and can be dried in the "porpoise".
Mats with washable TPE back. Without PVC shares
WATCH OUT!!! The colors and illustrations in the illustrations on this page can differ from the original colors / patterns.

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