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Shop-KIS Dirt-Trapper™-Cotton/Polyester- Mats

kis-cotton/polyester-mats, specially against slush, rain, moisture, dirt = clean inputs
for Dogs, Cats & House, Administration, Industry and Crafts "keep it simple"

Not only cuddly and especially absorbent for our 4-legged friends.
All mats shown are available in different sizes from stock selection.
The colors you can choose color palette out of the box standard.

The top of the mats are made of high-strength cotton fiber with non-fading colors. The mats remove dirt and moisture not only from the shoe soles. In Machine washable nitrile rubber enables the problem-thorough cleaning.

 kis-keep it simple, Baumwollmatte, extra für Tier-Freunde im Haushalt geignet, Für den Haus- und Terassen-Eingang, Küche, Kinderzimmer, Keller und Garage

machine washable up to 60 ° C and suitable for tumble drying
High-Quality Nitrile-back PVC-free - non slip made in the EU
Starting from 26,90 EUR, incl. VAT. - 1st Class Quality - 5 year warranty
Dirt-Trapper Mat = 100% cotton absorbs moisture from the outside and paws
Height: 7mm
carriage paid to Germany