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Coir, designed. 1- or 2-color flocking according to customer specifications
As a flock ( flock fibers ) is called short cut fibers . In the electrostatic flocking these millions of fibers are applied in an electric field to the adhesive-coated matte surface. The field lines ensure that all fibers align vertically and so produce a uniform , textile surface . By now flocking adhesives used are very durable and abrasion resistant.

Flock comes in different fiber lengths and thicknesses . The Flock thickness is measured in dtex (gram per 10 000 meters of length ), the length in millimeters. The ratio of fiber length to thickness determines the appearance of the Flockflors - the thinner the fibers in relation to their length , the softer feel to the surface , but they can also handle bad . Furthermore , the thinner the lines or ever filigree motifs , the shorter the flock should be. A line width of 0.5 mm can be implemented, for example only recently Flock . Basically Flock is available in any colo. 

Grid or very thin lines are hard to realize because the fibers exaggerate and do not form sharp edges , so it is not advisable even at small font sizes. In general, flocked in one color , while several colors are available , but increase the cost accordingly. Flock can be applied partially or as whole surface flocking.

Please send us your request with your template as possible as an EPS file ; but any other format is also possible.

Matt ca.16mm height up to 30mm : Basic color : color and nature, flocking : black, light gray, red , green or blue