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Art-Design-Mats, Dog

Art-Floors designs welcome Wood Design III, Welcome-wood pattern I

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Art-Design-Mats, Dog

environmentally friendly production, with 80% less water and 30% less energy consumption

high quality polyester-Flor using recycled PET materials, recyclable
Photorealistic design in the digital printing process produced, durable, UV-resistant
Top quality with great dirt and moisture absorbency.
Polyester backing, skid-proof, extremely even lying, pride safely.

Größe: 40 cm x  60  cm Stückpreis: 27,95 €
Größe:  50 cm x  75  cm  Stückpreis: 40,90 €
Größe: 60 cm x  85  cm Stückpreis: 44,05 €
Größe: 85 cm x 115 cm Stückpreis: 79,80 €
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The mat is machine washable up to 60 ° C and can be dried in the "Dryer".
5 year warranty, Made in EU, Available from stock