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Arty Premium Baroque, taupe AP17

ARTY PREMIUM BAROQUE, Fußmatten, schön und sauber umweltfreundlich Umweltschutz Floor-Recycling PET-Flaschen, TPE-Polyester-Rücken

Price: 19.90 €
Incl. Umsatzsteuer 19.00%
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Size 100:  40 cm x   60 cm  unit price: 19,90 €
Size 101: 50 cm x   75 cm unit price 29,90 €
Size 102: 60 cm x   85 cm unit price: 38,90 €
Size 103: 60 cm x 180 cm unit price: 75,60 €
Size 104: 90 cm x 120 cm unit price: 75,60 €
Price incl. packaging, freight 
 und VAT  in DE

View for each entrance area.
1.Dial in quality and function
High-quality Poliyester floor and light colors
Particularly absorbent
Made in the EU

Top quality with high dirt and moisture absorption capacity, non-slip, plane-lying, stiff-proof.

The Arty Premium Baroque mats are washable in the washing machine up to 60 ° C and can be dried in the "porpoise".
Mats with washable TPE back and rounded corners. Without PVC shares

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