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Our many years of reliably operating Mat Laundry service copes with all the problems of everyday life and is outside the normal tour plan in the short term emergencies on the spot. The urban area of Munich and the surrounding areas are supervised by our trained drivers. For areas that are not served by our own mats washing service, we provide powerful Matt washing businesses in your area.


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The s&s-Iron-Horse™ mat, a robust, dirt and moisture absorbing carpet-mat and thus the "workhorse" among the washable mats. It was created to meet the highest requirements. It impresses with extreme durability and is the 8 harmonious mottling is a visual enhancement for any room or entrance area. The 100% full throughout color (solution-dyed) holds polyamide nylon fiber absorbs up to 4 kg dirt and moisture per square meter, these fibers between the firm and reduces the cleaning effort considerably. The backing is 100% nitrile rubber, which is up to 80 ° C Machine.
The colors: granite, black-steel, black-cedar are up to 200cm width available.
The color: black-scarlet is available up to a maximum of 150cm width.
Standard lengths up max.400cm lengths to max.650cm mats Total Height: ca.11mm
Total weight: ca.2,6 kg / sqm
ca.2,6 kg/qm

Iron Horse Standard-Colors
granite.jpg black-steel.jpg black-cedar.jpg black-scarlet.jpg

NOTE: The colors shown may vary from the original colors. Exact colors please refer to our Iron Horse color ring.