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s&s-Iron-Horse XL - mottled mats !! new !!

Grundfarbe (Ebony) :
x cm Breite (Y)

Bitte beachten Sie die Mindest- sowie Maximalmaße!

Mindestmaße: 40 cm Breite (Y) Maximalmaße: 400 cm Breite (Y)

Price: 66.46 €
Shipped to de: 11.90 €
Incl. Umsatzsteuer 19.00%

schön&sauber-Iron-Horse XL-Dustmats
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The schön&sauber-Iron-Horse XL is an evolution in the category of our standard mats. The advantage of this washable dirt fishing mat with a much larger and denser pile guarantees an even greater dirt absorption. Of course this product complies with our previous standard of quality – the pile consists of 100% fully coloured solution dyed polyamide-nylon fiber; the backing is made of 100% nitrile rubber. This product in 2 different 2-farbigenMelierungen available. This dirt trapping pad not only looks good, but does all the work with the higher consumption of dirt on the pollution control of the adjacent rooms.

IRON-HORSE XL-Mats are non-slip and securely on the floor.
Mats are machine-washable up to 80 ° C - nitrile rubber and Flor allow a thorough cleaning.

 Color changes are possible. Intermediate sale reserved
IH-XL-Standardfarbenarben, von links nach rechts: Ebony, Willow, Teak,  Silver-Birch
s&s-Iron-Horse ™ mats protect floors and floor coverings . Hence lower cleaning costs and consequential costs due to longer service life of the soils and longer maintenance intervals. They are versatile in industry and administration.

 Ebony       Willow        Teak        Silver-Birch

Garanty:  The fibers are made of solution-dyed nylon with 11 years warranty on significant color loss
standard wide:     85 cm, 115 cm und 150 cm, inclusive borders

standardlengths:  up to 400 cm
excess-lenghts:    up to 600 cm
60cm x   85cm
70cm x   85cm
85cm x 115cm
 85cm x 150cm
 85cm x 200cm
115cm x 175cm
150cm x 250cm
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