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Jet-Print™ light doormats, customization-size , up to 32 colors , choice of 66 standard colors

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Mindestmaße: 40 mm Länge (Y in Gehrichtung) Maximalmaße: 700 mm Länge (Y in Gehrichtung)

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s&s-Jet-Print Light-doormats, in your desired size, individual Design 

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Entrance doormats matting is a must for any company that places great emphasis on the optimal presentation of the company or its brand. The strong and vibrant colors make each other Customized mat to a special , while the design is almost limitless. When JetPrint technology , up to 20 ( from 66 available ) colors are printed and also fine lines and gradients are reproduced.

The top of S & S - JetPrint light-Doormat consisting of 100 % non-crush ( high-twist nylon ) Polyamide , taking the dirt on effective and always looks well with dirt contamination when used regularly as new. The backing of JetPrint made ​​of 100% washable nitrile rubber.

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