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Kleen-Way™ individually, select from 44 standard colors

Maße: mm Length (walking depth): × mm width

deliverytime about 3 weeks

You here only enter your request wishes, so your desired dimensions in default unit of measure and select other necessary parameters as well as the amount for our tender.
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The S & S - Kleen - Way lanes customization according to customer requirements and printed in proven JetPrint process . They are available in 4 different widths and up to 20 linear meters . Available and protect as dust control runner inside of the building from contamination and areprinted with any messageat the same time a very " long card" of your home
Your top is made of 100 % crush polyamide ( high-twist nylon ) and the PVC backing ensures an appropriate maintenance . Although Kleen - Way is not machine washable , so is through the dense Floor cleaning ( such as carpet cleaning ) problem.

Unit-price from 42,55 EURO inkluding VAT
Click on "Online kaufen" and select from there au standard sizes and colors.

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Standardwidth:     100, 120, 160 and 200 cm including Side-Border (without lateral margin: minus about 3 cm)
Standardlength:    up to 20 m
Adhesive edge:    possible at the beginning and end of a track
Garanty:                 With proper care, we grant 2 years warranty.