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Mitwell Super B1, Q1 Doormat

mitwell_super.jpg Doormat mit 22mm und 27mm Hight

15-20 years lifespan. Dirt falls through in the mattress bed. The floor mat surface remains clean snow and ice resistant, temperature and UV resistant rollable and usable on both sides individual customization according to customer requirements Laying: free lying: also with one-, two-, three- or four-sided entrance professional






Mitwell Super, sample in external aluminium-frame

Aluminum profiles high-quality doormat with synthetic rubber strips Nirosta ropes and Nirosta studs The doormat with the largest storage capacity, ideal for use in extremely high-traffic entrances. Custom-made in every size and almost every shape possible. Installation: possible in aluminum angle frame

laying example: in aluminum angle frame Winkelrahmen

Guarantee: 5 Years
Doormat can be used on both sides, optimal cleaning effect: the elastic rubber shafts remove the dirt alone when passing from the shoes. Dirt falls through and becomes invisible, the mat surface itself remains clean for a long time. Extremely high storage capacity.

Design option:
1. Reinforced floor mat = 10% more stretched.

2. Alu-natural, bronze C34 anodised, gold C 3 anodised, special anodizing colors on request