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Tikar - kompensasi tinggi

Dimensions: mm Breite (X) × mm Länge (Y)

Price: 12.50 €
Incl. Umsatzsteuer 19.00%
Shipped to de: 10.12 €

Height adjustment for mats
Lapisan bawah yang keras sebagai kompensasi ketinggian alas kelapa
Hard felt mat:  as height compensation for mats in the mat bed
Color:      grey
Hight:     5 mm oder 2x 5mm              
Made to measure: die

The hard felt mats are supplied in any desired size and shape (possibly in several parts) to match the mat. Enter your desired size and select the height of the documents when ordering online.
The height compensation can also be delivered permanently mounted with the mat.

Simply enter the desired size and height below.