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Logo mat * we deliver from 1 piece up

s&s-logo mats are individually decorated possibility the flagship of each company. These mats can be designed and produced in almost any to your liking. Their excellent dirt and moisture absorption and excellent washing properties they characterize as excellent mats.

JetPrint ™ doormats , customization , and 20 -color , choice of 44 standard colors

JetPrint ™ doormats, plain and customization, to 20-color, choice of 44 standard colors, JetPrint ™ -Schmutzfang mats, Design Mats, Promotional Mats

s&s-JetPrint doormats, in your desired size, individual Design 

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Entrance doormats matting is a must for any company that places great emphasis on the optimal presentation of the company or its brand. The strong and vibrant colors make each other Customized mat to a special , while the design is almost limitless. When JetPrint technology , up to 20 ( from 44 available ) colors are printed and also fine lines and gradients are reproduced.

The top of S & S - JetPrint Doormat consisting of 100 % non-crush ( high-twist nylon ) Polyamide , taking the dirt on effective and always looks well with dirt contamination when used regularly as new. The backing of JetPrint made ​​of 100% washable nitrile rubber.

Click on "inquiry" Once there, type the desired dimensions and the colorYou will then receive our offer , which takes into account your individual needs.

JetPrint™ Velour out of 44 Standardcolors

JetPrintTM Velours Promotion-Mats out of 44 colors

For the perfect advertising campaign not only ensure logo mats, but also our advertising mats with the design of your choice. The floor mats are printed with a special, newly developed 4c printing process photorealism in all colors. Thanks to the special velor an even higher level of detail and image resolution is achieved.

 JetPrint-Velour™ Promotion - unicolor oder designed

Advertising mats in the highest print quality

That has not yet seen the advertising world ! The new Jet - Print Velour Promotion is the perfect mat for use in advertising and promotional area in unprecedented quality . The special velor surface allows printing with incredible precision and image resolution..

The special velor surface allows printing with incredible precision and image resolution. Due to the needle - flow surface which allows precision prints in unexpected quality , has the Jet -Print Velour Promotion only minimal dust control ability , but it is unbeatable in terms of advertising effectiveness . The mat backing is 100% nitrile rubber , the mat washable up to 30 ° C , however, do not tumble dry.

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colored JetPrint Velour-Promotion-Mats, in your desired size
52 JetPrint-Standard-Colours




60, 75, 85, 115, 150 und 200 cm (ohne Rand minus ca.3cm)
bis 400 cm
100% Velour Polyamid 6 (HTN)
415 g/qm ohne Trägermaterial
515 g/qm  mit  Trägermaterial
100% Nitrilgumm (NBR - Nitril Butadiene Rubber) 1,2 mm
ca. 20 mm
ca. 2,0 mm
ca.4 mm
ca.6 mm
1,8 kg/qm
EN 13501-1 Cfl – s1(entspricht ÖNorm B1/Q1
produktionsbedingt +/- 5%
bei fachgerechter Pflege: 2 Jahre 

Click on "inquiry" and enter the desired dimensions and color . You will then receive our offer , which takes into account your individual needs.

K-Turf™ Outdoor-Mats

K-Turf™ Outdoor-Mats
K-Turf™ Outdoor-Mats
K-Turf™ Outdoor-Mats
60 cm x  85 cm, ohne Rand
85 cm x 120 cm, ohne Rand
85 cm x 150 cm, ohne Rand

Outdoor mat, special formats, monochrome or with customer sign

Outdoor mat, monochrome or customized, in any special format, up to max. 400cm

Magic-Mat™ individuell gestaltet, bis 20-farbig aus 44 Standardfarben

Magic-Mat™  - gestaltet
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Perfect , promotionally effective brand presentations realized the Magic -Mat , since they can be printed according to your wishes , has an enormous dust control effect and is at the same time low in price..

Your top is made of 100 % crush polyamide ( high-twist nylon ) and the special rubber / vinyl backing ensures a secure grip . 
Magic Mats are limited to 30 ° C washable , with a gentle hand wash is recommended .

Composition: Uppers: 100% Nylon -- Backing: Rubber vinyl mix
Standardsizes: 40x60 cm, 45x75 cm, 60x85 cm, 85x120 cm, 85x150 cm und 115x175 cm

GarantyWith proper care , we offer a 2 year warranty

Kleen-Way™ individually, select from 44 standard colors

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The S & S - Kleen - Way lanes customization according to customer requirements and printed in proven JetPrint process . They are available in 4 different widths and up to 20 linear meters . Available and protect as dust control runner inside of the building from contamination and areprinted with any messageat the same time a very " long card" of your home
Your top is made of 100 % crush polyamide ( high-twist nylon ) and the PVC backing ensures an appropriate maintenance . Although Kleen - Way is not machine washable , so is through the dense Floor cleaning ( such as carpet cleaning ) problem.

Unit-price from 42,55 EURO inkluding VAT
Click on "Online kaufen" and select from there au standard sizes and colors.

JetPrint-Standard-Farbpalette Click for: Farbpalette: monochrome -JetPrint Mats, in your desired size
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Standardwidth:     100, 120, 160 and 200 cm including Side-Border (without lateral margin: minus about 3 cm)
Standardlength:    up to 20 m
Adhesive edge:    possible at the beginning and end of a track
Garanty:                 With proper care, we grant 2 years warranty.