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Coir-velour, natural fiber, natural colored, with flexible vinyl backing

Dimensions: mm Breite (X) × mm Länge (Y)

Price: 68.22 €
Shipped to de: 10.59 €
Incl. Umsatzsteuer 19.00%

Coir -velor, nature 
Klicken Sie hier für den Online-Kauf der naturfarbigen Kokosmatte
Material: First-class, durable coconut velor quality with a long service life and flexible vinyl backing.
Suitable for residential complexes, tenement houses, for department store and business entrances and for commercial and private needs

Price:       from 64,45 Euro/m² inkl. VAT. 
Hight:    14, 17, 20, 22 , 24, 27 or 30 mm               
Custom sizes: Coir-mats are supplied in any desired size and also widths over 200cm, where appropriate, multi-part or welded/glued. Special forms (freesize) are possible by drawing or template
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the mat height and enter to the desired size as a net mat measure or the frame inside dimension if the mat is to be fitted. In this case, the mat is cut at a slight discount.